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Companies looking to outsource their IT development overseas should keep in mind that it takes work from both sides to make it effective. This dynamic relationship involves more than just metrics and technology stacks. The main components that will determine a successful engagement are the people involved and how well they work together. The team at Restaff is always more than happy to receive office visits. It is the best opportunity for our partners to explore the facilities, talk to individual team members, and understand more about the working process. Our office can facilitate in making travel arrangements, visas, and accommodations

Video conferencing is a good way for potential partners to meet our team before they visit Vietnam. If you prefer to talk to us via video, please let us know. We will arrange for a team to share with you what we can do for our partners here at Restaff.

Another option is for one of our managing partners to schedule a phone call with you. Together we can get to know more about each other and explore how we can do business together.