ClickStaff offers you a unique opportunity to establish your own software engineering and testing team in Vietnam. Our dedicated offshore development center model focus on talent retention, communication, and maximizing returns from research and development investment.

Our depth of local knowledge, business experience and established infrastructure enables us to offer flexible staffing solutions at competitive prices.  Our client consultants are highly trained specialists with hands-on experience in business analysis and software development.

Clients can come onboard knowing that the usual barriers (language, cultural differences, business practice) to working with offshore teams are properly recognized and addressed. The team at ClickStaff has extensive experience in delivering hassle-free partnerships with global clients.

Our solution is flexible when it comes to scaling of development resources.  Clients often require the flexibility of adding more resources as required without the need to invest in additional fixed costs. 

With increased development demand, ClickStaff can increase your software engineering resources to respond directly to your needs. During off peak periods, the client has the ability to scale down their team accordingly. This flexibility allows clients to match their engineering input to their delivery capability for maximized company profits.

Clients have full authority on staffing. Client onsite and offsite team members are key decision makers at all levels.

By establishing your own offshore team with ClickStaff, you will have more control over your software engineering process and resources. 

Our working methodology between Vietnam and international clients is based on experience over time.

When it comes to software development methodology, we have found that flexibility and transparency throughout the development process is key to delivering quality work. We prepare each client development team to work with agile methodology. Daily standups and SCRUM are part of the language of every team.

No matter where our clients are from, communication is very important. We have established and encourage methods to ensure proficient follow-up and progress overview on a daily, weekly, and milestone basis.

We recommend that you establish trusted communicators for your onsite and offsite teams.

In cross-functional teams, each member is encouraged to communicate as needed but we have found that having one person for each offsite and onsite location be responsible for keeping track of all communications is the best way to approach remote software development. Our business consultants help prepare teams to communicate with the implementation of tools such as: Asana, Slack, Trello, InVision, and Jira. This is an ongoing process and ClickStaff is there all the way as each client development team figures out which method is best for their style of management and collaboration.

One third of the world's population speaks English but only 5% are native English speakers.

Ultimately, the ability to understand how the rest of the world expresses themselves in English is a valuable skill. At ClickStaff, we use a combination of cultural understanding, business experience, and native speakers to help clients navigate the many nuisances of working with multilingual team members.

English is a required subject for all Vietnamese secondary and university programs. We offer continuous English education with multiple tiered curriculums for all team members free of charge.

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